FRK כתיבת פרופיל חברה

FRK (תוכן הפרופיל מוצג להמחשה עיצובית בלבד)


לקריאת כותרות נגישה:

Fritz Kupferschmied (FRK) specializes in the import and marketing of high quality cable solutions since 1967.

The company is a leading supplier of essential products for Israel’s high-tech, industrial and medical fields, including electric wires, cables, hybrid cables, sleeve tubing, heat shrink tubing, braid shields and expandable braids sleeving, at a temperature range of -190c to +1400c and with UL, CSA, MIL, CE, VDE and HAR standard approvals.

Fritz Kupferschmied (FRK) offers its clients a wide variety of products, all readily available at the company’s stock supply center. The company’s vast product selection ensures that clients receive complete, fast and efficient solutions.

Over 45 years of experience allows the company to provide efficient and professional service, within short supply times. In order to ensure high service standards, company personnel supply solutions individually tailor made to the needs of each and every client.

Services enjoyed by clients also include full product definition and development, such as consultation regarding material selection, recommended cable flexibility levels, etc. Products are delivered in accordance with desired attributes such as bending radius, installation requirements, working voltage and more. In addition, the company performs wire, cable and tube cutting & stripping, in accordance with customer needs.

Due to its extensive knowledge and professional experience, Fritz Kupferschmied (FRK) was selected by leading companies in Europe and the United States as their representative in Israel. A full and robust cooperation with manufacturers throughout the world allows the company to provide clients with cost-efficient products that match their unique requirements.

The company remains in close contact with its clients, providing updates and responding to every need, thus ensuring product satisfaction over time.

The company's numerous and diverse clients include HP, Landa, Invasix, Syneron, Lumenis, Sanmina, Camtek, Applied Materials, Orbit, Ormat Turbines, Israel Railways, Israel Electric Corporation, Flextronics, RH and Mekorot Water Company.

Fritz Kupferschmied (FRK) is ISO 9001:2008 certified by the Standards Institution of Israel.

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